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  • $40 color photo ad, 2-months ($12 each add'l photo, maximum 3 photos for $64)
  • $30 classified (all text) ad, 2-months
  • $20 classified "Wanted" ad, 2-months

Your Mustang will appear in Mustang Country's "For Sale by Owner" section usually within 24 hours of our receiving your ad.

Instructions for getting your PHOTO ad to us:
Mail us your color photo AND your film (35mm negative strip or 35mm slide);
include a self-addressed & stamped return envelope, and your photo and film will be returned promptly to you. Add $12 for each additional photo you wish to display in your ad (maximum of 3 total, totaling $64). PLEASE DO NOT SEND US YOUR OWN PRE-SCANNED IMAGE; the film scanning equipment (and imaging expertise) we possess enables us to produce a far better image of your car than the same image captured from a (typical) photograph on a (typical) flatbed scanner. Again, do yourself a big favor and leave the scanning and image-editing to us.

digital camera users
Use your camera's HIGHEST-QUALITY setting only (which usually means maximum-quality JPEG combined with maximum resolution). Make sure you follow our tips on motorcar photography. Please send us your JPEG image(s) JUST AS YOU UPLOADED THEM FROM YOUR CAMERA!! Do not edit or crop them, and do not resave them. Each time you resave a JPEG-format image, you damage the image. We'll take car of any needed image editing, color correction and/or cropping here. You can email your digital-camera images to us, or (if you prefer) mail them on a floppy disk or CD-ROM.

Also, bear in mind that A HIGH-QUALITY IMAGE WILL SELL YOUR CAR; a low-quality "snapshot" will often just waste your money, no matter where you advertise. Be sure you take the time to visit the "fototips" link below and read our expert tips on how to photograph your car like a pro!

Text/ad copy maximum words: 50. If you send us the text of your ad via email (either within a regular email message, or saved and attached as a "plain text" file), or on a computer disk, then you have a 125-word maximum. PLEASE DO NOT INPUT YOUR TEXT IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, WHICH IS HARD ON THE EYES AND DIFFICULT TO READ (see?).

Instructions for getting your CLASSIFIED (all text) ad to us:
For a classified (all text) ad, you may telephone, fax, mail or email your ad text to us. Be sure to include your address, telephone number(s), and email address (if you have one). But if you can provide us with a good color photograph (color print, color negative, color slide or digital-camera image), do yourself a big favor and take full advantage of the Internet and run a photo ad.

You must include payment (check, money order, or your credit card number and credit card expiration date) with your insertion order. If you wish your "For Sale by Owner" or "Wanted" ad to continue running beyond 60 days, your cost is only $6 per month.

Click here for tips on how to take excellent photos of your car.

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